Molly Rose Jewelry

Contemporary Jewelry


The Artist

Molly Rose Shulman started her undergrad at James Madison University as a painter and struggled between making abstract works and wanting to maintain a level of control of her materials. In her second year of school she started working with metal, and found that she was able to be both abstract and structured all at once.

From this point on Molly sought out education and experience in the field of contemporary jewelry. Wether she is making her own work or assisting another artist with theirs, Molly spends most of her free time in the studio.

The Work

Molly’s work questions the “intrinsic” value of jewelry by pairing precious materials with mundane ones. She uses a combination of oxidized argentium silver and 22k gold with colorful acrylics to create a contradicting aesthetic. Granulation brings a touch of ancient metalsmithing technique to her more modern and structural forms. By making her own granules Molly is connected to and in control of her work from the very start.

Work History

After graduating with a BFA in Metals and Jewelry, Molly Worked as a camp counselor/ instructor in the metals shop at Buck’s Rock Visual and Performing Arts Camp. Through and internship with Erica Bello she was introduced to the Baltimore Jewelry Center where she now works as an instructor. Molly heads up the After School Program for the BJC teaching young artists basic techniques and design skills, introducing them to the world of contemporary jewelry.

Molly has made a habit of being available for long and short term contract work for other artists.